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Check out what people are saying about Discount Djembes:



"Just wanted to send you this photo and a big Thank You for helping me make this event possible!"

-Amanda P., Open Sky Fund Maine

"I just wanted to say that i received my drum early this morning, which is 2 days earlier than expected- what a nice surprise! You guys had awesome customer service, which was very much appreciated. The drum is in perfect condition (and bigger than expected). It sounds great, looks great, and will make an awesome festival-favor! Thank you so much for all your help, I will definitely be a returning customer."
-Amanda B.

"I just ordered a professional #2 from you guys. Couldn't be happier with this drum. It looks and sounds great, far exceeding my expectations for the price I paid. (I am still looking for the imperfection that makes it a #2!) A few weeks prior (before finding you and learning about the features to look for) I spent about $75 more on another, inferior djembe. There is absolutely no comparison between these two drums -- yours kicks butt in every category. I also want to compliment you on the careful attention to packing. A+ guys. You have a customer for life. I will try to send more people your way." *(13" Ebony Flame Pro #2)*
-Tim C.

"My djembe just arrived yesterday. I must admit, the fit, finish, and heft of it was much better than I imagined it would be. I can't wait to order another drum. Thanks for everything." *(13" - 14" Honey Harvest Pro--Blemished Discount)*
-David G.

"Wow! i really think for the money I got an awesome little drum. it is the 16x8 size and allegedly it has some sort of blemish, but I have looked and I cannot find it. I just wanted to say thanks so much for an excellent product. My coworkers and I will be smiling from now on and have rhythm." *(16" x 8" Blemished Discount Djembe)*
-Fritz M.

"Just had to email and tell you how delighted I am with the fiberglass djembe I received yesterday- all I can say is WOW!! I ordered the blemished model because I planned on using it with my drumset on various gigs and knew that it would probably get a little scratched over time anyway. I looked and looked, and I couldn't find anything I would consider a blemish. Admittedly, I am new to djembes so there may not be things I recognize as issues with the skin (it looks, feels, and sounds great to me)- but I didn't see any obvious marks or issues on the shell itself. The drum sounds great and I assume it will sound even better as I learn the best technique for getting tones, slaps, and bass sounds. Thanks so much for lightening quick shipping, wonderful service, and a product that far exceeds my expectations!! You have a new customer for life!" *(14" -  15" Fiberglass Djembe-Blemished Discount)*
-Bill V.

"Wow! Two days after phoning you, I had a drum. Fastest delivery I've ever seen!  Thanks to the wonderfully helpful fellow I talked to (sorry I can't remeber your name). The djembe is a beautiful piece and I'm sure my son will be very pleased on Christmas morning." *(20" x 10" Ganja Djembe--Blemished Discount)*
-Naomi B.

"Hello, I want to tell you that the drum you mailed me on Tuesday arrived this afternoon (Thursday) - with a knock on my door and a parcel delivered!  The drum is beautiful, the care and attention you gave me was awesome. Thank you very much.  I could not be more pleased!" *(12" x 7" Ganja Djembe--Blemished Discount)*
-Linda M.